Project Calico Blog

    New packages and an award

    By on 2015-01-15

    Today, we announced the release of Calico version 0.10 for Ubuntu 14.04.  New packages are available on and...

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  • Why Calico?

    By on 2015-01-12

    As a new member of the Calico team, Ed thought I might be in a good position to explain...

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  • Updating our Docker prototype to work on GCE

    By on 2014-12-19

    Some time ago we wrote a blog entry about our Docker prototype – where we showed that Calico ran...

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    Exploring Juju with Project Calico

    By on 2014-12-16

    Installing OpenStack is non-trivial. You need to install a large number of packages across a number of machines, get all...

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  • OpenStack London meetup

    By on 2014-12-03

    A couple of members of the Project Calico team went to the OpenStack London December meetup at Doggetts by...

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