• IPv6, DDoS and Project Calico

    By on 2015-04-16

    There has been quite a bit of discussion recently about DDoS and IPv6.  While IPv6 networks share many (or...

  • Moving Calico to a distributed data store using etcd

    By on 2015-04-10

    For the past month or two, the Calico team have been working hard to upgrade Calico to use etcd...

  • Technical note on IP fabrics published

    By on 2015-03-31

    A while (too long) ago, I promised that I would follow up on my discussion about Ethernet fabrics with a...

  • Using Ethernet as the interconnect fabric for a Calico installation

    By on 2015-02-03

    I’ve published the first in a series of technical notes talking about how you design your infrastructure to make...

    • Why BGP?

      By on 2015-02-03

      Why BGP? … and why not an IGP (OSPF or IS–IS) is a question we occasionally get asked when...

    • Obtaining External Connectivity in OpenStack

      By on 2015-01-23

      So you’ve pulled the trigger and obtained some computing resource on your cloud platform of choice. It’s super easy...

    • Why Calico?

      By on 2015-01-12

      As a new member of the Calico team, Ed thought I might be in a good position to explain...


      Exploring Juju with Project Calico

      By on 2014-12-16

      Installing OpenStack is non-trivial. You need to install a large number of packages across a number of machines, get all...

    • New packages and architecture on the way

      By on 2014-10-27

      As I said in my last post, the Project Calico development team have been hard at work migrating the...