Introducing Havana Brown!

Introducing Havana Brown!

Our latest cat-themed sprint, Havana Brown, is now complete and code is available!  You can download it here.

During this sprint we’ve been concentrating on pieces of additional testing; for example creating the basis for our continuous integration story that Ed told you about in his previous missive.   We have also been putting the finishing touches on our support for RedHat Enterprise Linux RPM-based install, which we hope to be able to announce imminently.

The following bug fixes are in this release.

  • #6 New VM instance boots slowly because of metadata breakage.
  • #7 Import Routes from all ethernet interfaces.

Finally, with August being holiday season, we may be a little quieter than normal over the next couple of weeks.   Our next sprint, Irish Shorthair, is slated to complete on 1st September.

Alex Pollitt is an Evangelist and CTO Platforms for Tigera. He is passionate about supporting the full diversity of the emerging container ecosystem, and promoting the best developer and operator experience through collaboration across the ecosystem players.