Packet announces beta support for Project Calico

Our friends over at Packet have just announced something that we’ve been working together on for a little while.

For those of you who haven’t run across Packet before, they are a bare metal hosting company. You can provision (and de-provision) hardware servers as simply as you can provision VMs in other cloud providers. You also only pay for what you use.

The interesting thing, from Calico’s prospective, is that Packet has made many of the same networking infrastructure choices as Project Calico. They only support L3 forwarding, and do so using BGP. What this enables is for Calico nodes to peer directly with the Packet infrastructure and exchange routes and reachability. By using Calico within the Packet infrastructure, you can distribute your address block wherever you want within your group of bare metal servers. If you want to run a container environment on Packet, it will look just like a private cloud, no tunnels, just simple Calico routing integrated with Packet’s infrastructure. It’s pretty cool, and you can try it out now. Tell them the cat sent you.

Christopher Liljenstolpe

Christopher Liljenstolpe

Christopher is the original architect of Project Calico and one of the project's evangelists. In his day job, he's the director of solutions architecture at Metaswitch Networks. Prior to Calico/Metaswitch, he's designed and run some bio-informatics OpenStack clusters, done some SDN architecture work at Big Switch Networks, Run architecture at two large carriers (Telstra - AS1221, and Cable & Wireless/iMCI - AS3561) and been the IP CTO for Alcatel in Asia. He's also run networks in Antarctica (hint, bend radius becomes REALLY important at -50C), and been foolish enough to do a stint as a wg co-chair in the IETF. Occasionally you can have the (mis-)fortune of hearing him speak at conferences and the like.

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