Project Calico joins CNCF as a new member

Big news in the cloud world… today the Linux Foundation announced the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has moved from concept to a substantial project, with an agreed governance structure and details of its technology stack. And, Project Calico is on board!

We have been working closely with many of the partners and end-users who are fellow CNCF members for a while now, and it just made a lot of sense for us to work together on many of the areas of common interest.

While the CNCF has decided that the virtual networking layer is out of scope of the initial architecture, the definition of the control interfaces and data model is in scope, and that is where the Project Calico team will bring our experience working with end users across the industry who want to deploy containers at scale, over simple, secure virtual networking.

Plus, what project couldn’t benefit from the addition of some cute kittens?

Christopher Liljenstolpe

Christopher Liljenstolpe

Christopher is the original architect of Project Calico and one of the project's evangelists. In his day job, he's the director of solutions architecture at Metaswitch Networks. Prior to Calico/Metaswitch, he's designed and run some bio-informatics OpenStack clusters, done some SDN architecture work at Big Switch Networks, Run architecture at two large carriers (Telstra - AS1221, and Cable & Wireless/iMCI - AS3561) and been the IP CTO for Alcatel in Asia. He's also run networks in Antarctica (hint, bend radius becomes REALLY important at -50C), and been foolish enough to do a stint as a wg co-chair in the IETF. Occasionally you can have the (mis-)fortune of hearing him speak at conferences and the like.

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