What’s new in Calico 3.15

We’re very excited to announce Calico v3.15.0, which includes a bunch of great features including generally available Wireguard encryption, and the ability to migrate Calico’s data storage from etcd to Kubernetes CRDs . Thank you to all of the contributors to this release! For detailed release notes please go here. Below are some highlights from the release.

Encryption using Wireguard is generally available 

Calico v3.14 introduced tech-preview support for encryption using Wireguard. In v3.15, we’re excited to announce that this feature is promoted to GA. 

To give it a spin, head on over to the encryption how-to guide. 

Datastore migration support

Calico supports two methods of data storage – directly via etcd, or via the Kubernetes API server. Calico v3.15 introduces a procedure for migrating Calico data from an etcd data store to the Kubernetes API for users who wish to do so. Using the Kubernetes API for data storage is operationally simpler, and allows users to leverage the rich Kubernetes RBAC model.

Read more in the datastore migration guide.

OpenStack Ussuri support

In v3.15, Calico’s OpenStack integration code has been updated to run under Python 3 and specifically with the Ussuri OpenStack release.

For more detail please see our OpenStack docs.

Casey Davenport

Casey Davenport

Casey is a Core Developer at Project Calico. He has been working on software-defined networking solutions since 2012. Among other things, he enjoys Android development, home-brewed beer, and playing soccer on rollerblades.

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