Calico scales to tens of thousands of servers and millions of workloads.


Easy to deploy, easy to operate, easy to diagnose.



Open source and open standards.


Any Workload

Supports VM, container and bare metal workloads.


IPv6 Enabled

Supports IPv4 and IPv6.



Designed from the ground up to support rich, flexible and secure network policy.

A New Kind of Virtual Network

Calico’s beautifully simple approach to data center networking integrates seamlessly with cloud orchestration systems (such as Kubernetes and OpenStack) to enable secure IP communication between virtual machines, containers, or bare metal workloads.

Based on the same scalable IP network principles as the Internet, Calico leverages the existing Linux kernel forwarding engine without the need for virtual switches or overlays. Each host propagates workload reachability information (routes) to the rest of the data center – either directly in small scale deployments or via infrastructure route reflectors to reach Internet level scales in large deployments.

Calico supports rich and flexible network policy which it enforces on every node in a cluster, to provide tenant isolation, security groups, and external reachability constraints.

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What Others are Saying

  • While we focus on data plane acceleration to enable NFV, the scalability of virtual network control plane solutions must also be addressed. Project Calico appears to address this scalability, enabling [virtualized network functions] VNFs to communicate without the complexity and limitations of VLANs or overlay schemes.  Our 6WINDGate packet processing software complements Project Calico by accelerating Layer 3 forwarding so as to deliver the highest data plane performance, adding another dimension of scalability to the solution.
    Eric Carmès, CEO of 6WIND
  • After looking at the gaps in the current container networking landscape, our solutions came so close to Project Calico we felt it made sense to work together to innovate at a quicker pace.  Cisco believes container networking should have a simple, standards-based integration story with existing network and compute topologies, supporting enterprise, service provider and cloud into the future. Project Calico’s ethos mirrors this strategy.
    Matt Johnson, Innovation Architect within Cisco’s CloudCTO
  • Community-powered innovation is producing significant technology advancement in many new and exciting areas. With Project Calico, we’re excited to see an upstream open source project that takes a new approach to cloud networking for a wide variety of use cases, including OpenStack, Linux Containers, and NFV. By collaborating with the Project Calico community, we’re looking forward to advancing cloud networking capabilities.
    Chris Wright, technical director, SDN and NFV, Red Hat
  • The architecture behind Calico is a wonderful demonstration of the networking model that will dominate the next generation of large-scale data centers.  We’re delighted that Metaswitch has shared their work with the community and look forward to collaborating to spread adoption of this new model.
    Daniel Siders, CEO of Flynn

Calico is Compatible with Most Major Platforms

OpenStack    Chef      Fuel    Juju    Mantl

Docker    rkt


Brooklyn    Clocker

Ubuntu    RedHat    CoreOS    Centos