A Christmas Present from the Team… Calico 2.0!

A Christmas Present from the Team… Calico 2.0!

felix_20Following several weeks of beta testing, Calico 2.0 is officially here, just in time for Christmas. Consider this our holiday gift to the community!

Check out the release notes for highlights of what’s new, including:

  • a new resource-based UX model (similar to Kubernetes’ idioms)
  • significant performance improvements
  • improved packaging including simplified installation for Kubernetes
  • a new dataplane driver API (experimental)
  • a new pluggable backend data store model for Kuberenetes deployments, removing the need for etcd by adding support for using Kubernetes itself as the data store.

While I’ve mentioned Kubernetes several times here, and that is the fastest-moving area right now, Calico of course still supports all the same platforms including Docker libnetwork, Mesos and DC/OS, OpenStack – and even bare metal.

Under the hood, there have been plenty of architectural enhancements, including moving a lot of code to golang, for greater performance than was possible with the original Python. However, other than the intentional new features, you should not notice any changes in external behavior or data model.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the beta. And apologies to those trying to get PR’s submitted while we froze code to get 2.0 out of the door – we promise we’ll be coming back to review all those great contributions and hopefully get them into the next release. It’s been great to see our wonderful community of users and developers embracing the project and helping to push forward its continuing evolution!

Having cycled through various roles from software engineering to marketing ("fear leads to the dark side" - Yoda), I ended up in management, and am affectionately known by my teammates as the "PHB of Project Calico" (I must look up that acronym sometime). I am grateful to be able to live in beautiful Berkeley, California, where I enjoy the proximity to world-class sailing, skiing and wine - and spending time with my family (wife, 2 kids, 2 cats - neither of them calicos, 1 dog and 1 turtle).