After a busy few weeks, which has taken in MesosCon in Dublin, the OpenStack summit in Tokyo, ONUG Fall in New York and KubeCon in San Francisco, the Calico team will be touching down this weekend in sunny Barcelona for DockerCon Europe.

We’re excited to be a sponsor and we’ll be exhibiting at booth 4 in the Expo Hall throughout the event, so please stop by if you want to talk about container networking and security.  If you’re nice to us, you might even snag one of our very popular Calico cats, which have been going down a storm with all sorts of folk at Kubecon this week.  

The conference sessions themselves start on Monday, but we’ll be at the booth on Sunday evening for the welcome reception (after which you might just find some of us at the  Pre-DockerCon party organised by the Software Circus folks).

Hot on the heels of DockerCon is ContainerSched 2015, a two day conference held in London at the end of next week.  Our very own @SpikeCurtis is breaking his journey back from Barcelona to San Francisco and will be speaking at ContainerSched on Friday. I should be there too, so if you can’t meet us in Barcelona but are going along to this, then please make sure you say “Hi”.

As always, there are various ways you can contact the team, but if you want to meet up at one of these events then I’d recommend either dropping me a message on twitter (@eepyaich) or getting onto our #docker channel in slack (go here for an invite).




[Original banner picture – “Barcelona Cityscape Panorama – Jan 2007 edit” by Barcelona_Cityscape_Panorama_-_Jan_2007.jpg: DiliffBarcelona_Cityscape_Panorama_-_Jan_2007.jpg. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons]

Ed Harrison

Ed Harrison

Ed has been developing and supporting carrier-class protocol software for nearly 20 years at Metaswitch Networks, the main sponsor of Project Calico. Over the past few years he's been focusing full time on Calico and can often be found evangelising the project around and about in London. Ed has two cats at home, but sadly neither of them are Calico and they have only a passing interest in hyper-scale virtual networking.

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