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  • Calico IPAM: Explained and Enhanced

    By on 2018-11-05

    Managing IP addresses is an essential, but often overlooked, aspect of container networking. Each networking plugin has its own...

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  • What’s new in Calico v3.3

    By on 2018-10-24

    We are very excited to announce Calico v3.3. Here are some highlights from the release. In-cluster route reflector With...

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  • Announcing Calico v3.2

    By on 2018-08-14

    We are very excited to announce v3.2 of Calico. Some of the highlights of this release are: GA for...

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  • Announcing Calico v3.1

    By on 2018-04-10

    We’re pleased to announce Calico v3.1! Here’s a sample of some of the major themes from the release notes....

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  • Announcing Calico v3.0

    By on 2018-02-22

    We’re pleased to announce Calico v3.0! Introducing namespaces Calico v3.0 introduces namespaces. Policy can now be defined either per-namespace...

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