DC/OS: Data center automation with a side of Calico secure networking

Today, Mesosphere and more than 50 other launch partners made industry news by launching DC/OS, the first open source release of their Datacenter Operating System. The goal of this community initiative is to make the management of data centers as simple and efficient as the way an operating system manages a single machine. Over here at Project Calico, we’re excited to be part of this launch, and more importantly this broad community that is helping drive adoption of “cloud native” architectures.

We are already working with many organizations — large and small — deploying Apache Mesos together with Calico for networking. Often they are using home-grown tools for managing those clusters: hand-crafted scripts install each server and configure networking connectivity and security when a workload is created. This works, but the problem is that each customer is doing it in a slightly different way.

With the new DC/OS project, the full power of Apache Mesos is available on a common, open platform to all users, which we believe will accelerate adoption and innovation. We are working closely with the Mesosphere team, within the DC/OS community, to deliver a fully-integrated experience, so deploying Calico on your cluster then becomes as simple as typing “dcos package install calico”.

The upshot is that DC/OS not only unleashes the power of Apache Mesos, it will also unleash the power of Calico, delivering secure, scalable networking right out of the box!

“Networking is one of the cornerstones of any production-grade operating system, and it’s even more important at datacenter-scale with the DC/OS,” said Aaron Williams, Mesosphere Head of Advocacy. “The Project Calico team has developed some of the most comprehensive open source technologies for virtualized networking and we’re excited to see them integrate with DC/OS to enable secure, IP-per-container networking.”

Andrew Randall

Andrew Randall

Having cycled through various roles from software engineering to marketing ("fear leads to the dark side" - Yoda), I ended up in management, and am affectionately known by my teammates as the "PHB of Project Calico" (I must look up that acronym sometime). I am grateful to be able to live in beautiful Berkeley, California, where I enjoy the proximity to world-class sailing, skiing and wine - and spending time with my family (wife, 2 kids, 2 cats - neither of them calicos, 1 dog and 1 turtle).

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