Project Calico at the Docker London May meetup

[Update – 4th June; the video of my pitch is now available – best listened to alongside the slides below.]

Earlier this week, I presented Project Calico to the Docker London meetup near Old Street. This was my first time presenting in front of a meetup, but judging from the questions and discussion afterwards, I think I got the key ideas across!

If you’re interested, my slides for the event should be at the bottom of this post and can be downloaded here.

I was sharing the event with a couple of other great talks.

  • First up, Alex Collins gave a fascinating insight into some of the work he’d done on getting Docker working alongside Apache Maven. His foils are here.
  • Then, after a Pizza and beer break, the folks from gave a great demonstration of their system for pushing updates to IoT devices over slow networks; their system ensures that only the essential changes to an image are distributed, meaning each device can be updated as quickly as possible. Their talk included a great demo where they were updating large container images on a set of 20 Raspberry Pi devices over a single 3G connection in a matter of seconds.



I’d like to thank Ben Firshman and Steve Domin for organizing the event, plus all the folks at the venue (the Central Foundation Boys School near Old Street) who helped with the AV set-up.

As always, if anyone would like anyone from the Calico team to speak at their meetup, then please get in touch!


Ed Harrison

Ed Harrison

Ed has been developing and supporting carrier-class protocol software for nearly 20 years at Metaswitch Networks, the main sponsor of Project Calico. Over the past few years he's been focusing full time on Calico and can often be found evangelising the project around and about in London. Ed has two cats at home, but sadly neither of them are Calico and they have only a passing interest in hyper-scale virtual networking.

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