What’s new in Calico 3.5

We are very excited to announce Calico v3.5. Here are some highlights from the release.

IP address allocation based on topology

In some cases, it may be desirable to allocate pod IP addresses based on your cluster topology. For example, you may have pods deployed across several racks and want to minimize the number of routes required in the network, or you may need to assign addresses in such a way to adhere to some external firewall or company policy.

In Calico v3.5, you can now use IP pools to select a particular group of nodes based on node labels. Workloads deployed to a node will be assigned an address from within the IP pools which select that node.

Additionally, Calico now inherits node labels from Kubernetes, so you can take advantage of topology information already present in your cluster. For more details on how this works, and a step-by-step example, see the Calico documentation for this feature.

Learn more

To find out more details about all the features and changes in Calico v3.5, check out the release notes. Or, try it out in few minutes by following the Quickstart guide!


Casey Davenport

Casey Davenport

Casey is a Core Developer at Project Calico. He has been working on software-defined networking solutions since 2012. Among other things, he enjoys Android development, home-brewed beer, and playing soccer on rollerblades.

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